Here i will slowly pile up my collection of static anime girls which are the only thing i am capable of drawing. Enjoy, if that's what you're into.
[03/22]tried touhou with undefinite results

I finished touhou eosd the indie game of all indie games, got more confused than before getting in. Where did the fanbase came from? Is that the touhou you all were so excited about? Surely the gameplay was fun, i love getting enraged but was that all? Why is it so popular? Why are those characters so popular they've got two lines of dialogue each? I'm not sure if i'm disappointed but I ended up drawing miss jojo reference regardless


This background has drained everything there was to drain out of me, it's not finished, i'm not finishing it, i'm also ceasing drawing backgrounds for eternity and beyond. I'm probably betraying myself if i'll end up drawing more backgrounds ever again. Adios.

[03/22] misc

am i delusional or am i getting better at colours

[03/22]le creatura

pte i love pte i love pte so much